The advantage of DArTseq over the array version of DArT is currently limited to applications requiring very high marker densities. This technology is therefore positioned in the area of high resolution mapping and detailed genetic dissection of traits. As modern breeding, DArTseq is increasingly used in crop improvement applications. Read More

Our Microarray platform can provide very valuable data for any organism for which DArT Arrays have been developed. This technology can efficiently and economically scan from hundreds to thousands of polymorphic markers... Read More

Our genotyping services would not be possible without strong IT support.

The KDDart data integration platform was developed for breeding and crop management/performance testing applications... Read More

Genetic identification and purity testing based on DNA represents an important part of modern Quality Assurance and testing for adulteration in agricultural production and food industry. DArT works with a number of clients on Intellectual Property (IP) issues including Plant Breeders Rights Read More

Data Analysis

Efficient mining of the large volumes of data generated by our genome profiling platforms requires appropriate informatics skills and technologies. DArT offers very inexpensive, often free of charge, support in data analysis, utilizing software that implements either our own algorithmic solutions, or publicly available algorithms. Our data analysis includes genetic mapping, GWAS, Genomic Selection and many other applications. Please contact us to find out more about this service.

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Delivering affordable products and services in genome profiling, genetic analysis and modern breeding, including development and provision of data storage and data mining technologies. DArT is a generic and cost-effective genotyping technology detecting all types of DNA variation (SNP, indel, CNV, methylation).

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To order also downstream data analysis (mapping, QTL/GWAS, Genomic Selection) and data storage options. Please contact us

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